This solution instructs you how to manually configure Simplify3D for optimum quality output with the Creatr HS Lite.

The next Simplify3D update should have these settings included, but for now please follow these instructions to print PLA successfully with the Creatr HS Lite.

Please note that, as stated on our website, the Creatr HS Lite does not have a heated printing environment. Therefore, PLA is the only recommended filament type for this model of printer.


First download the zip file with the settings attached to this solution, you can find them attached below. Extract them to a known location, for example your Documents folder.

Download - PLA


Open Simplify3D.

If you are using a Simplify version younger than 3.0.0, continue reading this section. If not, skip down to the "Import .FFF Setting Files (Simplify3D Version 3.0.0 or Newer)" section.

Double click a process. If there is not process first click "Add".

Import .FFF Setting File (Simplify3D Version Older than 3.0.0)

Import the .FFF file into the Simplify3D settings database by pressing Import. Once imported the setting will always be available to be selected for a print. Repeat this step for each setting file.

(The image above was used from another solution article - your .FFF files will have different file names than the ones shown above.)

Import .FFF Setting File (Simplify3D Version 3.0.0 or Newer)

For Simplify3D version 3.0.0 or newer users, simply find the "Import FFF profile" option in the File menu:

After selecting the location of the saved files, you can select multiple FFF files to import at the same time. You will receive a confirmation message saying which profiles were added.

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